Fetal MRI

The fetal brain functions have not been well understood in terms of fetal circulation. Moreover, the functional development of the fetal brain is still unclear. Our challenge is to answer such scientific questions by analyzing functional MRI and diffusion-weighted MRI data of the fetus and placenta acquired noninvasively. We have been developing not only the robust tools for preprocessing (including fetal motion correction) and data analyses dedicated to the moving fetus, but also diagnostic methods for fetal brain impairment for pediatric applications. More stories

Resting State Brain Connectivity

The ultimate goal of this project is to develop parsimonious techniques which reveal resting state functional connectivity of the brain through neuroimaging data acquisition such as functional MRI. Based on the fact that an fMRI time series taken at rest tends to exhibit long-range dependence called fractal behavior, we have suggested not only a computational model of fractal behavior in BOLD signals but also novel techniques of functional connectivity which cope with the fractal artifact. More stories

Real-time Video Analytics

Video content analyses such as object detection and tracking become more important in such applications as intelligent surveillance systems and interactive broadcasting services. We have developed robust techniques for real-time object detection and tracking in compressed videos by utilizing both encoding encoded information (such as motion vectors) and partially-decoded pixel data. Our techniques enable fast processing with reliable performance. More stories
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