Nonfractal connectivity estimator

The nonfractal connectivity estimator, nonfractal, was released in public at June 6, 2017. It is a MATLAB toolbox for estimating 'nonfractal connectivity' as well as 'fractal connectivity' from a set of time series with long-range dependence such as resting state functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) signals. Nonfractal connectivity is coined the correlation of nonfractal (or short memory) constituents of two weakly stationary time series that are independent of fractal behavior (or long-range dependence), and is comparable to the fractal connectivity defined as the convergence of wavelet correlation over scales. Please refer to the following publications for the underlying mathematical theories.
Wonsang You, Sophie Achard, Joerg Stadler, Bernd Bruekner, and Udo Seiffert, "Fractal analysis of resting state functional connectivity of the brain," in 2012 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks, 2012.
Achard, S., Bassett, D. S., Meyer-Lindenberg, A., & Bullmore, E. (2008). Fractal connectivity of long-memory networks. Physical Review E, 77(3), 1-12.
You can also visit this page on our resting state fMRI project for more information. This toolbox can be downloaded from the NITRC repository or MATLAB file exchange for free.
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