God Is Not Wishful Thinking

I have been reading the book "The Language of God" written by Dr. Francis Collins. In the second chapter he raised a question, "isn't the idea of God just wish fulfillment?" Of course NOT in the Christian view. I never suppose that the idea of God is just a psychological consequence of human experiences as Freud suggested. If it were nothing more than wishful thinking, why has the image of God described in the Bible been very different from what we desire? Collins wrote,
"The problem with this wish-fulfillment argument is that it does not accord with the character of the God of the major religion of the earth."
Moreover, the exquisiteness of natural principles is hard to be understood without assuming the existence of supernatural power. Indeed, I used to exclaim the unerring precision of natural law underlying the fetal circulation as a scientist. For example, the development of fetal brain is sustainable and resilient against abrupt changes in external environment, as long as the oxygen is supplied stably from the placenta and it has not experienced any pathological problem. I firmly believe that the autoregulation mechanism of fetal brain could not be attributed to the struggle for existence, although I have no sophisticated reasoning underlying my thought. It is obvious that this book stimulates me to think of such a philosophical topic as a Christian scientist.
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