Voice of Conscience

We sometimes weigh productivity and ethics. Should I continue to keep a rule of community lowering efficiency seriously? The answer is YES. It is because I feel guilty conscience for violating a rule. For example, whenever I infringed a traffic rule due to urgent affairs, I was tormented by a guilty conscience although my action was not found. A renowned Athenian philosopher Socrates chose death pleading that "In no case would I act except in accordance with the law." He seemed to listen attentively and humbly to the low voice of conscience from inner Spirit. In the book "The Language of God", Dr. Francis Collins mentioned, "the motivation to practice this kind of love exists within all of us despite our frequent efforts to ignore it." C.S. Lewis explained that it comes from the Moral Law as a "universal feature of human existence." Since The Moral Law definitely comes from God, it would be essential for improving my faith to repent all my past actions of violating any small (good or bad) rule.

Further readings
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