Faith Moves Life

One of what I really want to avoid from my life is an unfair experience attributed to physical disability. When I was young, I had suffered from stuttering, which inevitably hurt me due to unfair experiences. Because of stuttering, I had to be excluded from some important activities of a community I had been involved although I wanted to join. Because of stuttering, I used to be underestimated in my capabilities in either school or work projects although I believe I have sufficient capability to achieve the goals required by the project. Moreover, I used to be chaffed and talked as an object of ridicule whenever I stammered. Such experiences of being ignored or less recognized had seriously hurt me throughout my life; as a result, I sometimes got stuck in depression.

The desire of being loved and recognized from communities might be intrinsic and instinctive for all human beings. Insufficient achievements in satisfying the desire may result in abnormality in mental health. Nevertheless, our lives seemingly do not always have sufficient conditions to satisfy our unique desires.

What was Jesus' solution for such a problem? In other words, how did Jesus satisfy his desire of being loved and recognized? Needless to say, he had not been sufficiently satisfied over his life. He was born in a stable in Bethlehem. Since he started to deliver good news, he had been misunderstood to make spiritual rebellion against traditional Judaism. He was finally accused by Pharisees and crucified on a cross being ridiculed. Although he was already aware of how his life would be tragic, he did not avoid his way.

Thinking scientifically, there had to be a third intangible resource satisfying his desires of being loved and recognized. I think that it was his "Faith" to the God; in other words, he believed he was the Son of God. His firm belief to God kept him from being shaken by ridicules and denunciation. Timothy Keller said, "if you're intolerant of people you think are intolerant, you're still intolerant." What I believe determines my personality and my attitude as Virgil spoke "Mind moves matter" [1]. I would say, "Faith moves life." Therefore, let me ask myself: what would I believe in?

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