Belief may Disturb Belief

Tracing back in time, the Pharisees might be the most faithful branch of the Jewish people at about two thousand years ago. Nevertheless, they did not accept the Jesus' Gospel, and finally crucified Him on the Cross in the name of God. Let's click down closer to the sixteenth century which happened the Protestant Reformation. Why did two huge groups of Christians such as the Catholic and Protestants have to fight and slaughter each other in the common name of Jesus Christ? Throughout all the historical troubles, which side did the God favor?

There are some historical events where how God worked have been manifestly revealed. One typical example is the Crucifixion. Let us review not only how many people repented by confessing their belief in Jesus Christ after the Crucifixion, but also how it changed the world history including the fall of the Roman Empire. The history is a sequence of God's victories.

On the other hand, the answer (acceptable for as many people as possible) to which side the God favored still remains obscure for most events, especially associated with the troubles between Christians. Such an ambiguity might frequently happen even in churches, family, schools, and work places. Indeed, we found lots of news articles reporting bloody struggles among Christians being done in the common name of Jesus Christ.

I sincerely appeal to myself who believes in Jesus Christ as my Savior. Please take down the sword of anger and hatred toward other Christians right away; instead hold the sword of forgiveness and love in my hand being equipped with God's words. Then, Jesus would be with me.
Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” And they divided up his clothes by casting lots. - Luke 23:34


I repent my disgraceful sins with tears.
I hated others and hurt deeply in your name.
I condemned and crucified them in your name.
I am just a sinner kneeling in front of you.

Oh my Lord,
I believe in you as my Savior.
Come to me, and talk to me.
Release me from the Satan.
Let me forgive and love all others.
Let me bear my own cross.
Let me die a holy death in your name.

Praying in the name of Jesus Christ,

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