LiveVideo: Real-time Video Analysis Software

The LiveVideo, an open-source real-time object detection and tracking software for H.264/AVC videos, was released. This software was developed by Wonsang You at the MCCB Lab in KAIST at 2007. It enables us to effectively detect and track multiple objects in real time in H.264|AVC bitstreams with static background by applying probabilistic spatiotemporal macroblock filtering (PSMF) and partial decoding technique. This software exhibits reliable performance in a variety of natural scenes with static background as well as fast computation time (30~50 frames/sec) enough to be performed in real-time.

You can freely download its source codes from the Sourceforge project. To quickly study the usage of this software and to understand the structure of source codes, you can refer to the Tutorial document. To figure out theoretical backgrounds, visit the homepage of the corresponding research project and read its relevant paper. Also, the Wiki site of LiveVideo will provide you useful information. If you need technical supports and helps from the software developers, you can either use the help forum or subscribe the mailing list called "livevideo-help". This software is free, but whenever anyone use this software for his/her publications, he/she should cite it as follows.
Wonsang You, M.S. Houari Sabirin, and Munchurl Kim, "Real-time detection and tracking of multiple objects with partial decoding in H.264/AVC bitstream domain," Proceedings of SPIE, San Jose, CA, USA: SPIE, 2009, pp. 72440D-72440D-12.
We seek developers who want to contribute to the LiveVideo open-source project.  Any member may contribute to either improving the performance of object detection and tracking algorithm through theoretical study, or improving the user interface and efficiency of source codes. The collaborative works also include publishing technical articles with co-authorship. We are welcome to your participation. If you are interested in joining us, please do not hesitate contact us via e-mail.
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