"Prayer for Dokdo" by Michael Hoppe

"Michael Hoppe" is a famous composer around the world. I had not heard of him until I met his friend at Mill Valley in San Francisco at January, 2009. With his friend's introduction to him, I could contact to him and became his friend.

He stayed at South Korea for several years, and Korean people have been enthusiastic with his songs. Currently, his songs are very popular among Korean people. Also, he became interested in Dokdo problem, one of the hot issues between Korean and Japan. Two countries have maintained the sovereign authority for the small island Dokdo. However, it is apparant that historical facts prove Dokdo belongs to Korean territory. Moreover, Dokdo became a symbol which represents Korean people's spirit and loyalty to their nation.

The artist "Michael Hoppe" expressed such a Korean spirit very well in his song "Prayer for Dokdo". Silent, but sorrow... I could feel something spiritual from his songs. In fact, most of his music products seem to be spiritual, and have come to my heart. His music sometimes let me feel a peaceful and comfortable sound of bell or priest's invocation from Buddhist's temple.

"My music is not effect, rather for what is true to our hearts. To reach all hearts is really my Prayer." - Michael Hoppe

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