Korean Charity Concert in Augsburg

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A charity concert was held in the Jakobs Church in Augsburg, Germany at December 13, 2008, in commemoration of the birth of Christ. It was sponsored by the Korean Christian Congregation in Augsburg, to support North Korean and South Korean children who are patriarch or matriarch.

Not only did many competent Korean musicians dedicate opera songs and Korean traditional songs, but also some of them played chamber music with violin, cello, organ, and basson. In particular, a tenor Seunghyun Kim's performance, which was an opera song titled as "Dein ist mein ganzes Herz", received great applause. Also, the concert was followed by delightful and pious chorus performed by the Korean Women's Choir and the Halleluja Parish Choir. A great screen, where German translation had been provided for Korean songs, was a new and striking challenge and attracted audience's attention.

From LoveBridge

The concert was so successful to arouse people's interest in pitiful kinders in respect that the number of guests were expected to be more than 160 people, nearly twice as much as last year's guests. Moreover, it also was a good chance for local residents to meet with Korean traditional culture such as Korean songs, foods and traditional clothes.

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