VANK and Paths to Peace

The Voluntary Agency Network of Korea (VANK) is the association of Korean people who are interested in promoting Korea's image around the world. It has been involved in some projects such as protesting against false descriptions about Korean history and culture both in webpages and in documents. Moreover, it has provided the cyber network system to aid Korean people to build international friendship with foreigners. The ultimate goals of VANK are not only to help foreigners understand Korean language, arts, cultural education, history, geography, social studies, sciences, but also to make Korea and other countries more peaceful. It has made great achievement so far due to voluntary participation of many Korean people in these projects.

Figure 1. Korean and Foreign Friends. Reprinted from this link.

Paths to Peace
The Paths to Peace is an international webzine whose main aim is to propose and discuss creative ways for preventing Korea and other Asian countries from violent disputes and building permanent peace among them through People-to-People networks. The webzine is an cyber space for effectively exchanging opinions and sharing ideas about Asian peace. It is based on the belief that collective efforts of Asian people toward peace are significantly important for these objectives.
I have been working as a reporter for the "Paths to Peace", a webzine for Asian peace. I plan not only to introduce Korean history, culture, arts, geography, and so forth to foreigners, but also to propose creative methods for building peace in Asia.
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