Non-violent Movement for Korean Independence in 1919

The first day of March is a national memorial day in South Korea. When Korea had been colonized by Japan, many Korean people got together spread all over the country and had great protest movements against colonial domination of Japan; it is called the March First Movement since it began at March 1st, 1919.

It was a peaceful and non-violent independence movement which had been voluntarily organized by normal Korean people. Each Korean people, without distinction of age or sex, held the national flag of Korea (called Taegeukgi) in his or her hand, and give cheers for Korean independence in a loud voice in public places such as street and plaza. They shouted himself or herself hoarse, "Cheers for Korean independence!"

Figure 1. Korean People in the March First Movement. Reprinted from this link

On the other hand, Japanese soldiers cruelly supressed the movement by shooting people with guns and flourishing their swords. More than two million people participated in this movement, and more than seven thousand people were dead.

In turbulent world situation of imperialism, this type of non-violent independence movement was so rare and extraordinary around the world, and impressed independence activists of other colonized countries such as India, China, Ezypt, and so forth.

We need to look over the phrase in the bible like the following": "Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good" (Romans 12:21). Likewise, the March First Movement shows us that the non-violence is the most effective and practical way to overcome bad laws or systems.
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