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Exploring the placenta and fetal brain

I am a scientist studying the placenta and fetal brain. Strictly speaking, I am not a specialist in the embryological view but a passionate explorer of the placenta and fetal brain. It has been well known that the placenta has an important role for normative development of the fetus. The placenta supplies oxygen and nutrients to the fetus and delivers fetal wastes to the mother. The inefficiency or pathological injury of the placenta may give rise to the insufficient supply of oxygen to the fetal brain, which may leads to the abnormal development of the fetal brain. My scientific interest is to find early bio-markers of placental inefficiency and brain injury using the state-of-the-arts non-invasive medical imaging techniques such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). My calling underlying such research activities is not only to "glorify God" by revealing miracles of the Creation but also to deliver God's love by improving medical cares for children in the name of Jesus …

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