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The hour has come

Father, the hour has come. Glorify your Son, that your Son may glorify you. (John17:1) Time goes ceaselessly. I have had many important but unavoidable moments in the past. Some moment remains happy while some remains terrible memory I hate to recall. Now, I have lots of approaching moments which will happen in the future. No matter what they are unpredictable, the hour is coming. There is a moment which we can obviously predict. It is "death". Anyone will die. The time of death is coming to any existence who is living. Nobody can avoid the moment of death. However, why do most people (including me) lose sight of this (inductively) evident truth? They live today as they live eternally. If we sincerely realized that our lives are ephemeral, it is natural that we would think of the life beyond the grave. I never believe the materialism such that all humans are not spiritual beings but just blocks of proteins. Yes. It is obvious for me that there exists an invisible and eterna…

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